Common downloads

Release NotesIncludes System Requirements, recent bug fixes, included in all kits
Setup KitComplete installation kit for Windows 10 (any Win32)
(FMSLogo) ProjectContinued community development at
Winhlp32 for Windows 10Win32hlp for Windows 10 (Special thanks to Chris at
Winhlp32 Pre-Windows 10Win32hlp for all versions of Windows prior to Windows 10
Source KitBorland C++ 5.02 Sources
Tutorial Kit (V4.2)Optional 11 minute Video on basics of MSWLogo (See VLC player)
VLC PlayerVLC Player will play the Videos in the Tutorial Kit above.


The Great Logo AdventureElectronic copy of the actual book on learning Logo by Jim Muller
The Great Logo Adventure CDAll files on the accompanied CD included with the published book by Jim Muller
Computer Science Logo StyleBooks on more advanced Logo programming techniques and more by Brian Harvey(
A Turtle for the TeacherA printed & web based book on learning Logo by Paul Dench(

Logo Site Seeing

Dan Gerhard's WWWsite of an incredibly well done Asteroid like game written in MSWLogo.
Fredi Glavan WWWsite for Croatian speaking students.
MSWLogo Espańol (Spanish)site for a Spanish version of MSWLogo
MSWLogo Italiano (Italian)site for MSWLogo lessons in Italian by Paolo Lazzarini